Another drink and I’m ready for action.


A lot of situations are leaving me flabbergasted lately.  I’d have pinch myself and try to decide if that really just happened or if she really just said that.

Some nobody in my year decided to try to start picking on me this year, being the mature person that I think I am, I decided to laugh off all the silly encounters she tries so hard to arrange.  But how exactly are you supposed to react, when a a 17-year-old freaky-geeky-life-needy girl, stops a few steps ahead of you, points, whispers to her friend and bursts out laughing, acting complelty oblivious to the fact that you were looking right at her?

Or how are you expected to react, when one of your slly-best-friends spits on your foolscaps one find day during a lecture, just out of utter boredom?

A midded aged man nearly ran me over a few days ago, he concluded that he shouldn’t wait for me to cross the road since I was texting, even though I was still walking at an average pace.  So he waited till I got right under his huge truck, and pressed the gass full on, missing me by less than an inch.  He yelled out something in a rude arrogant tone about me being alienated by my phone, if I were truely you would have ran me over wouldn’t you? Jackass.

A more serious situation now.  What is the normal reaction to your 25-year-old-psychologist- sister calling you immature, closed minded, and a murderer for coming to terms with the fact that your seriously ill dog who hasn’t eaten in 4 days, and hasn’t got enough strenght to sit up, needs to be “put to sleep”?

This is truely madness, which my sober mind can’t absorb.



“Escapism you say? How cowardly of one. Such a waste of time it is, running away, getting lost in thoughts when something practical could actually be done.  Quite a selfish thing to do too; learn to face the consequences already.”

Sadly that is the general attitude towards escapism, an idea to which, I am utterly opposed to. Few would deny that there are episodes in life when all one needs is a way out.  So why does escapism get such a bad reputation?

Society puts us under constant pressure to do, achieve, produce and succeed. They consider it waste of time maybe, little do they know that in the long run, escaping can come through for you.

As I see it, trying to fix things in a state of irrationality is about as useful as a chocolate teapot.  Putting time aside for a one-on-one session with whatever releases you from the harshness of reality gives you a greater desire to creative thought. A good read, a movie or a long walk, day-dreaming or music perhaps?-Whatever does it for you. It would allow you to return to reality with a fresh pair of eyes, it can show you an easy and maybe obvious solution to a problem which you could not notice when stressed.

Escapism is, in a very bittersweet way, a big large of my life. I can clearly tell the difference between fantasy and actuality, but wandering off to what could make my life better helps me attain it.

A great book provides escapism for me. I find the sensation of experiencing a world completely different from mine, in the trail of thought of artistic, talented person, who is much greater than me; better than any drugs.  I am yet to experience something as powerful as the escapism of  being another person, slipping into another character for a little while and forgetting about anything remotely important. But eventually it will come to an end, and while fingering the last pages dreadfully, I would feel more prepared to face the current chapter of my life.

Writing things down also helps me escape, but if books and essays and work are the bother, escaping my responsibilities for a little while does the trick for me.  Be it a quiet  night out with a close friend for a nice conversation over cocktails, or pulling off the occasional all-nighter of roaming around.  I find that I need the occasional escape, to break the routine, feel less constrained and have some spontaneous fun.