David Crystal and Dumbledore.

One of the books assigned to my class as part of our linguistics topic is a book by David Crystal titled “English as a Global Language”, which frankly did not particularly interest me.  It’s full of statistics and facts, it doesn’t allow me to be creative in any way or critical like literature or language essays do, and to be frank,  I found that to be a tad boring.

BUT (aha!) after attending a lecture by the genius himself today, my previous opinion on the topic has been trotted all over upon. David Crystal, a soon to be 70 year old professor, managed to complelty change my outlook on the topic, and captured my full attention and interest, which definitely says something about his teaching abilities.   His approach was very down-to-earth, striking and easy to relate to.  To say the least, he’s a legend, and all professors/lecturers should have him as their role-model.

I saw him as being a mashed up version of a teacher  I had last year, Mr.Spiteri and Dumbledore. A genuine compliment.

His talk titled “The Future of Englishes”, featured statistics, humour, and jokes which were mostly at the expense of Americans. (Kudoos!)

What can I say? I want more.


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