Resolutions and ambitions.

Another year’s over, and a new one just begun, and what have you done? I am, more or less, in the same place I was a year ago- with some exceptions. I am a very optimistic person, and in a year I plan to be, a better version of myself, while still being myself.

A year ago I had to carry an extra ten kilos (need to lose about four more) of fat on me wherever I went, but ironically even though I was more self-conscious I was also more confident.  A lot of people have been telling me that I talk a lot less than I used to, that I am generally always quiet lately. I am naturally a quiet being,  but I feel less energetic lately,  I am generally lost in my thoughts…but mostly I just don’t know what I’m expected to say back to some things some people feel the need to tell me.  But never ever before has a teacher told my mother I’m too quiet in class and that I need to talk more, and that utterly left me speechless- it’s madness I tell you!

(Resolution #1: Got to work on the confidence thing)

Oh and another thing I’d like to change would be my care-o-meter. I let things distract me really easily.  I need to be more indifferent to things, and not let little things influence and affect me as much as they do.  And I need to get my priorities sorted, I need to care about my school life, my future and all that more than any friends or social life this year with my A-levels coming up and what not.  I will be more laid back (it is possible), and not look into things as much.

(Resolution #2: Set priorities right)

Since I’ll be turning eight-teen in a matter of months, yea that’s right- be jealous, I have to learn how to drive this year, and get into university as an B.A English student.  Which means I also have to be more open about the stuff I write, and actually tell more than two people about this blog.  Quoting a teacher of mine, I have to “stop burying my potential” -Shiver.

(Resolution #3: Dig up my potential, yeaaaa!)

And this is something I have to mention just because it feels missing, it wouldn’t be right not to mention it.  This year is the year, I will stop brutally murdering my nails! Dum-dum-dum.

(Resolution #4:  Let nails live.)

So basically, this year I want become a confident, louder,  legally-licensed university student with elegant nails, who weights a little over forty-five kilos and doesn’t let anything get her down.  Cheers.


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